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Tailored Training Courses


You have the choice to have any of our public courses tailored to your needs and have the workshops and examples tailored to your specific industry. We cover a wide range of manufacturing and service industries, as well as governmental and non-governmental organisations. Please see our “About” page.

We also regularly design and deliver bespoke training for many organisations. We can design training for you which contains not only the exact “content” and the “learning level” you wish to achieve; but also the method that suits you (i.e. classroom-based or distant learning).

To help you get started, we have listed below some of the popular modules in our tailored training courses. Simply pick the topic and for each single topic tell us:-

A. How much you want to learn about it?

  1. I just want to know about it
  2. I want to learn how to do it

B. How do you want to receive the training?

  1. I prefer classroom based
  2. I prefer distant learning

C. How many people do you want trained?


Please send us the required information via a direct email to enquiry@abbassiltd.com or via the Your Message section of our Enquiry Form, thank you.

Ref Subject Area Topic
1 Quality Management Fundamentals
2 Quality Management Establishing an ISO 9001:2015 compliant Management System
3 Quality Management Leadership in Quality, and the role of Top Management
4 Quality Management Supporting top management in promoting Quality
5 Quality Management Effective management reviews
6 Quality Management Establishing Quality Policy and Objectives
7 Quality Management Creating a customer focused organisation
8 Quality Management Understanding the Context of an organisation
9 Quality Management Actions to address risks and opportunities
10 Quality Management Process Approach, Process management and process mapping
11 Quality Management Producing lean and effective procedures and instructions
12 Quality Management Reporting nonconformities and taking corrective action
13 Quality Management Root cause analysis
14 Quality Management Problem solving and decision making
15 Quality Management Determining the cost of Quality
16 Quality Management Managing an effective audit programme
17 Quality Management Supplier evaluation, and selection methods
18 Quality Management Supplier monitoring and re-evaluation
19 Quality Management Engaging people in quality
20 Quality Management Establishing a Quality Conscious culture
21 Quality Management Continual improvement and Innovation
22 Quality Management ISO 9001 Certification process
23 Quality Management What to expect from an audit
24 Management Systems Annex SL and its use
25 Management Systems Integration of ISO management systems (quality, environment and H&S)
26 Environmental  Management Establishing an Environmental management system
27 Environmental  Management Establishing an Environmental Policy and Objectives
28 Environmental Management Establishing an ISO 14001:2015 compliant Management System
29 Social responsibility Fundamentals
30 Social Responsibility The use of relevent national and international standards
31 Social responsibility Establishing an ISO 26000 compliant system
32 Social responsibility Establishing a Social Responsibility Policy and objectives
33 Social responsibility Integrating social responsibility into the organisation’s management system

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