Management System Auditing


We offer a range of auditing services in the fields of Quality, Environment, and Corporate Social Responsibility by assessing and reporting on compliance and performance and opportunities for improvement with regards to applicable National and International Standards and to the organisation’s own set policies, standards and procedures. This ranges from carrying out a gap analysis, to internal audits, suppliers and sub-contractors' audits, and third party audits required by certification bodies, regulatory bodies, or accreditation bodies.

  • Highly knowledgeable, experienced and competent IRCA Certified auditors
  • Expertise and experience of a very broad range of organisations in all industry sectors, small business and corporate.
  • Experience of corporate auditing and reporting to the top management
  • Experience of highly complex audits (international multi sites, multi operation, integrated systems and audits during mergers and acquisitions)
  • Outstanding results supported through customer feedback

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