Managing Supply Chain

CQI and IRCA Certified ‘Managing Supply Chain’ Training Course (course code PT 206) - Abbassi Course ID 2176

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Course aim

This course will provide the practical skills required to manage a broad range of supplier activities. Delegates will leave the course with the capability to assess the approaches taken by suppliers, support the selection of suppliers, measure supplier performance, manage supply chain risks and encourage suppliers to take a process approach to management and drive improvement.

Course duration and timetable

3 days, starting at 9.00 am to 17.30 pm with 45 minutes lunch and 2 refreshment breaks (am and pm)

Course content

  1. Elements of the supply chain:
    1. Supply chain structures and processes.
    2. Information flow through the supply chain.
    3. Introduction to supply chain logistics.
    4. Contracts, sourcing agreements and negotiation techniques.
    5. Requirements of ISO 9001 for ‘external providers’.
  1. Supply chain alliances:
    1. Benefits of a partnership approach.
    2. Supplier development.
    3. Supplier communication strategies (listening skills and communication styles).
    4. The role of the supplier in improvement activities.
    5. Risk management in the supply chain.
  1. Process management and the supply chain:
    1. Overview of process approach.
    2. Difference between product/service assessment and process assessment.
  1. The role of the supplier/external provider in product/service development:
    1. Overview of the stages on product/service quality planning.

Overview of key tools used in quality planning (project plans, checklists, process maps, FMEA, control plans, control charts, capability analysis and capacity planning).

  1. Measuring supplier/external provider performance:
    1. Supplier selection and assessment methods.
    2. Supplier surveys.
    3. Establishing specifications and service level agreements.
    4. Methods for product/service approval (process and documentation reviews, certificates of conformity, inspection records, test certificates, audit).
    5. Performance measures, monitoring and improvement (periodic reviews, audit programmes, feedback communication processes, problem and non-conformance investigation processes and protocols).

Who should attend

Any individual working within the Quality Assurance, Quality Management, or Business Improvement functions of an organisation; who wishes to contribute to their organisation’s process/es for managing its supply chain.

Recommended prior knowledge

An understanding of ‘Management Systems’. One of the ways to obtain this prior knowledge is by attending one of the following CQI-IRCA Certified courses:

  • FD107- Introduction to Management Systems
  • PT 203- Managing Management Systems
  • Any of the 3-day or 5-day Management System Auditor training courses

Course style

  • tutor presentations
  • practical skills development exercises - case study and designing your own process
  • interactive discussion and participation throughout the course
  • group work activities
  • continuous assessment of delegates' performance
  • highly interactive using accelerated learning techniques

Course certificates

A “Certificate of Achievement” is awarded to the delegates who complete all parts of the course and pass the course examination.

A “Certificate of Attendance” is awarded to the delegates who complete the course but do not take, or do not pass the course examination. Delegates have the option to re-sit the examination.




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