‘Introduction to Process Design’

CQI and IRCA Certified ‘Introduction to Process Design’ Training Course (course code FD106) - Abbassi Course ID 2154CQI - IRCA Certified Course Logo

Course aim

This course provides fundamental skills for process design, standardisation, the capability to understand customer and stakeholder requirements and define standardised processes to deliver them.

Course duration and timetable

2 days, starting at 9.00 am to 5.00 pm with 45 minutes lunch and 2 refreshment breaks (am and pm)

Course content

  • Introduction to process thinking and its place in ISO 9001
  • Tools for understanding the voice of the customer (Kano model, surveys, interviews)
  • Gathering stakeholder, regulatory, legislative, compliance and standards related requirements
  • A method to design/define a process
  • Key tools in process definition: SIPOC, flowchart
  • Defining measure of process performance (CTQ Trees and operational definition)
  • Supply chains and customers in supply chains
  • A method to standardise a process
  • Key tools in process standardisation
  • Process design/definition applied in continual and step change improvement activities
  • Risk-based approach to process design and documentation
  • Methodologies for process improvement

Who should attend

All individuals responsible for, or contributing to the development, implementation, monitoring, reviewing and improving processes.

Course style

  • tutor presentations
  • practical skills development exercises - case study and designing your own process
  • interactive discussion and participation throughout the course
  • group work activities
  • continuous assessment of delegates' performance
  • highly interactive using accelerated learning techniques

Prior knowledge

There is no required prior knowledge for this Foundation Level Course. We ask that you bring a process with you that you would like to use during the course to design, or to re-design. This will help you apply the learning to your own process within your own sector of industry/business.

Course certificates

A “Certificate of Completion” is awarded to the delegates who complete all parts of the course.


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