CQI and IRCA Certified ‘Managing Change and Continual Improvement’ Training

CQI and IRCA Certified ‘Managing Change and Continual Improvement’ Training Course (Course Code PT204) – Course ID 2333

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This course provides practical skills development in the management of change within the context of process management and improvement, the capability of leading teams in the development of their improvement approaches and the ability to facilitate the management of the associated changes.

Course duration and timetable

Classroom-based version

3 days, starting at 9.00 am to 5.30 pm UK time, with 45 minutes lunch and 2 breaks (am and pm). Public courses held at our fully equipped 4 star and 5-star training venues in London.

For in-house delivery, we will travel to your premises, or chosen venue for the training, and the timings can be adjusted to suit your company as long as the total duration of the course is not altered.

Online version

3 days, starting at 9.00 am to 5.30 pm UK time, with 45 minutes lunch and hourly short breaks throughout the day. From the comfort of your home or office, anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access, a computer, webcam, and microphone.

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Who is it for?

This course is designed for those who are practising in quality and aspire towards middle management.

Course content

This is a 3-day course for Managing Change and Continual Improvement and covers the following topics:

  • Process management overview:
    • Relationship between standardisation, performance management and continual improvement.
    • PDCA
    • Prioritisation of improvement activities and targets in line with organisational strategy and needs.
    • The use of data and metrics in process improvement.


  • Management techniques for continual improvement:
    • Understanding the impact of localised process improvement on the larger organisational system.
    • Structure and use of a method of problem solving, such as 3C, 8D and A3.
    • Process review – agendas, roles and outputs
    • Process waste (Lean 8 Wastes descriptions and typical examples)
    • Visual management – use of visual management in identified risks, opportunities and improvements, and tracking of the resulting action plans.


  • Overview of improved methodologies (approaches) and their application:
    • Improvement cycles (DMAIC and PDCA)
    • Lean
    • DMADV
    • Total Quality Management
    • Kaizen
    • Innovation
    • Reorganisation


  • Roles in change management:
    • Change agent
    • Sponsor


  • Key improvement techniques:
    • Identification and elimination of process wastes
    • Identification of causes of variation and variation reduction


  • Approaches to building readiness for change: stakeholder, process owner, process manager, process operator, planning and influencing:
    • Kübler-Ross change curve
    • Kotter and Schlesinger resistance to change approaches
    • Construction and use of stakeholder matrix (for example, simple four box with power vs interest) and the process to identify, prioritise and develop plans for the stakeholder engagement.


  • Effective communications and visual management:
    • Charters
    • RACI
    • Communication plan/matrix

Course assessment and examination

It is a requirement of the CQI-IRCA Certified courses that delegates fully attend and successfully achieve the course learning objectives before a certificate of achievement can be awarded. Therefore, delegates attending this training are required to take a one-hour multiple choice examination.

In addition, the tutors’ continual assessment of delegates ensures that weaknesses in any areas are identified during the course so that actions are taken to help the delegate achieve the learning objectives.

Classroom-based version

The examination is hard copy paper.

Online version

The examination is online using a secure examination platform with live online invigilation.

Course Certificate

A “Certificate of Achievement” of the course is awarded to those delegates who successfully complete the course assessment.

Recommended prior knowledge

FD104 Introduction to Change Management,

FD106 Introduction to Process Design.

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